Year: 2022

Arlo and the Orca

A collaborative poem written by all of room 8. This poem expresses our feelings about anger  looking through the eyes of Arlo from Arlo and the Orea by Monique walker


Anger feels like letting your range out

A clenched fist

blood , salty sweat

Growling and yelling

Rough and hot

Like a red face

Anger smells like danger 

Like air 

Shouting and screaming 

Painful and hurtful 

Madness and crazy action of destruction

Like smoke

Burning cold 

A fire ranging and growing limitless

Anger is an emotion is we want to show or not  

It starts when we get upset about something


This week Monique and Stacey came to class and presented Monique book. we learnt that it’s okay to cry and that life can be moody and Stormy with waves of emotion but to remember that the sun will always come back and shine.


I would like to thank you Monique and Stacey for coming to our class and presenting Monique book and for welcoming Jesse and Catherine for showing their talent and skills dancing.


Class of 2k22

My Classmates

are kind, comforting, Annoying, Funny, Mean, Super weird , Interesting and chaotic,

wild but silent loving but hilarious

I will miss Ms George My classmates and teachers

They have talents and skills Really amazing and smart


The Memories with my Friends

are funny, annoying, hilarious and unpredictable.

they’re to loud especially me.

They are so kind, Hardworking and people who strive to do there best.

they’re definitely something


Diary Entry 2

We eventually arrived at the beach. We hurried down the steps and saw a small wooden boat. There were people arguing saying ”we are not getting in there.” I ran to the boat, hopping on the long brown gang plank, making my way to the boat. “YAY,” I said as I got on the boat. I could smell dirt,  toe jam and food that had been on the boat for a month. “YUCK I said.” I hear creaking noises and the waves off the water as we get ready to leave. We were leaving for Jakarta. I felt uncomfortable and sad because other people were speaking in their own language

Diary Entry 1

At Night, I was feeling scared and nervous. As I packed up. I tried to fit as many clothes as I could fit on my body. I am feeling exhausted, unhappy and not wanting to leave. As I open the door I see nothing but black. I hear people talking about where they’re going to. Leaving at night, the air is still hot and humid, making it hard to breathe. At the front of my apartment I saw a big yellow bus. The driver welcomed us as I tiptoed onto the first step. The smell of the smoke came from the rumbling engine. I felt tired but relieved to finally leave.