Month: March 2022

Peters Perspective of his journey

From freeze frames with our partners we then started to create a vocab list. We all only had 15 mins to write about Peter’s journey from the book called ‘ The Treasure Box’


Im feeling tired and exhausted we have walked for 6 days. My feet are sore. We have no plans so we sleep on the side of the road. I look at the other side there are children crying. People are camping on the side of the road, I trudge past the forest where there were thousands of people. I started getting thirsty and hungry. My tummy’s grumbling my throat is sore. We’re in pain and getting lost feeling no where.

My treasure

                                 M𝕪 T𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕤𝕦𝕣𝕖

Oh No my house is bomb what should I do.

I am grabbing my precious Holy Bible, The reason why Im taking it is because I got it from someone who I loved the most.


Peter’s Perspective

War has started, I’m hanging out with my friends. I am really worried. I see people dying and houses destroyed, I hear people crying and screaming out loud. My mum is yelling telling people to go to the mountains. As I look back I see people running and jets soaring through the sky. My mum and I go back to find my dad. Will he be OK? We go back to the mountains. We wait and wait but dad doesn’t make it.


My why poem

My TikTok I dance My time…take a stance.

My love of sleep My dreams are deep.

My favourite fish My chips on a dish.

My time with friends my love never ends.

My Nan I love My god above.

My crystals that shine My taonga thats divine.

My Maori Tikanga My last is Manga