It’s lightly snowing, in the streets, I am walking around jumping on the white icey snow. I stopped on a board with a chalk making screeching Sounds. I turned around to see a doll staring at me, through the window, wiped it and looked at myself. When I looked back at the window the doll wasn’t there. I tried to open the door but I got angry. When it wont open I stomp on the Ice grabbing it making it into a big snowball. I throw it at the door. As I walk I hear a door squeaking. I look back with a smile, walking fast and open the door further.


I blink my eyes, pushing the door further towards some shelves. I look around and try to find the doll that looks like me. I see it in the middle of the room on a brown table. I walk slowly and with my hand I try to grab the doll, but there is a doll on a bike making squealing sounds. It falls down. I picked it up and let it go. I look at it as it bumps into the door repeatedly. I stand up looking at the table and the doll has disappeared. I look again trying to find it. Suddenly it is on the top of the shelves. I hop onto the couch, with the two dolls twerling her eyes at me. I take my gloves off and reach up to the shelves. I go to touch the nose.


As I touch the doll, I move through it and I see myself twisting around, screaming! My head is dizzy, I feel like I am about to throw up! I open my eyes, I look around with a nervous and scared face. There is a doll with bangs on the other side and another doll with curly hair. I look around. The other dolls are blinking as well.There is a doll twirling around, on a spinning chair, It stops and waits. The doll is in the window with the white frost around it. They wait and wait until the door opens again.

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