Day: June 3, 2022



It’s lightly snowing, in the streets, I am walking around jumping on the white icey snow. I stopped on a board with a chalk making screeching Sounds. I turned around to see a doll staring at me, through the window, wiped it and looked at myself. When I looked back at the window the doll wasn’t there. I tried to open the door but I got angry. When it wont open I stomp on the Ice grabbing it making it into a big snowball. I throw it at the door. As I walk I hear a door squeaking. I look back with a smile, walking fast and open the door further.


I blink my eyes, pushing the door further towards some shelves. I look around and try to find the doll that looks like me. I see it in the middle of the room on a brown table. I walk slowly and with my hand I try to grab the doll, but there is a doll on a bike making squealing sounds. It falls down. I picked it up and let it go. I look at it as it bumps into the door repeatedly. I stand up looking at the table and the doll has disappeared. I look again trying to find it. Suddenly it is on the top of the shelves. I hop onto the couch, with the two dolls twerling her eyes at me. I take my gloves off and reach up to the shelves. I go to touch the nose.


As I touch the doll, I move through it and I see myself twisting around, screaming! My head is dizzy, I feel like I am about to throw up! I open my eyes, I look around with a nervous and scared face. There is a doll with bangs on the other side and another doll with curly hair. I look around. The other dolls are blinking as well.There is a doll twirling around, on a spinning chair, It stops and waits. The doll is in the window with the white frost around it. They wait and wait until the door opens again.

High flying Giraffe


       High Flying Giraffe

Hey guys, today is going to be a great day. There are heaps of giraffes walking in line around an infinite stretch of white tile. Clip clop. Lupe and I are walking in a hallway. I stop and look at a camera, licking my tongue. I look around and see my friends continue down the hallway.


We walked up in the hallway in a line following shekinah. We see Nikita upside down on a dangling rope. As Nikita comes down shekinah is the first one running. She runs with her long legs as fast as she can. She runs and clips her chin into Nikitas and then twists and turns aiming for the pool. When shekinah is in the pool I hear splash and bubbles breaking around the surface.


It is my turn. I feel butterflies in my tummy and start to get nervous. I’m a bit scared. I run towards Nikita spinning my chin into hers making a trick. I came out of the pool, my body is shivering and I feel the ice cold water around me. When we are all finished we go back to the line to do another round. Back in the hallway we saw Shekinah Falevalu dangling on a rope waiting for us.